We have two membership levels. To become an Alliance Member and gain access to our education and training materials, simply pay $49.95. To become a Certified Member, the designee must join the CCG Alliance™, pay an additional $349.95, complete the first two of three modules in the CCG Alliance™ Education Course, and meet or exceed the requirements for annual donation and/or volunteer hours.

It is not necessary to become a Certified Member to join the Alliance and complete the education course. Our training program educates members in how to select and then use charitable activities within their businesses. Alliance Members quickly learn through completing the education course how to meet the remaining requirements for becoming a Certified Member through meeting the minimum standards for charitable donations and/or volunteer hours.

Please click on the “Enroll Now” link in the top of this page. There are two levels of membership. To become an Alliance Member and gain access to our education program and training materials, simply pay the annual fee of $49.95. To become a Certified Member and have your donations verified along with the other benefits of membership, please pay the additional $349.95, complete the first two of the three modules of the CCG Alliance™ education program, and submit documentation for your charitable donations and/or volunteer hours.

In order to become fully certified and earn a CCGA Designation, the member must join the CCG Alliance™ for $49.95, pay the additional Certified Member fee of $349.95, successfully complete the education course, and make a minimum of $1380 in annual charitable donations and/or provide verifiable evidence of at least 60 hours of annual volunteer service.

An example of combining donations and volunteer time could be: making a financial contribution totaling $690 (50% of your minimum annual goal) and completing 30 volunteer hours (the remaining 50% of your minimum annual goal). Or you might donate $138 (10% of your minimum annual goal) and complete 54 volunteer hours (90% of your minimum annual goal).

We determined 60 hours of volunteer service to be worth approximately $1380 based on the value of one volunteer hour ($23.07) as determined by the Independent Sector for 2013.


Each year on your enrollment anniversary you will receive an online notice of renewal from the CCG Alliance™.​ Remember, in addition to your annual dues payment, you must also, in the prior 12 months to renewal complete and submit your minimum donation requirements of $1380 for the year and/or a combination of up to 60 volunteer hours ​to be eligible for renewal.

  • You are authorized to include the CCG Alliance™ logo in your business marketing
  • You are listed in our member directory
  • You have access to our Membership Network for sending and receiving referrals
  • You are entitled to use your own free and exclusive Member Webpage
  • You gain access to ongoing education, strategies and tutorials on how to incorporate your charitable activities into your business
  • Your donations and volunteer hours will be verified and displayed on the CCG Alliance™ website (optional)
  • You will receive invitations to exclusive events and Certified Member products

Yes, with the noted exception of any donations to political parties or direct political causes (e.g. election and reelection campaigns etc). CCG Alliance remains independent of determining which organizations may be selected by our members to contribute their time and money to support. Donations used to qualify and sustain membership are made public and are all available to view on our website. Any contributions made to charitable organizations on behalf of clients and directed by them (and not the member personally) will be noted as such.*

*Please note that some states do not allow real estate agents and affiliates to make charitable contributions on behalf clients. You must verify your own state guidelines.

There are many public volunteer organizations that are government funded and sponsored. As a rule, these organizations are also approved by CCG Alliance for donation credit and volunteer hours for membership qualification.

When you enroll your ​selected ​charity (charities) on your ​member ​website you will​ also be​ notifying​ th​ose charities​ of your commitment to support their cause​. They will receive an outline of our program​ ​ in our Charity Enrollment Form Letter​. ​​In exchange for your donations and volunteer commitment y​our charity agrees to verify your ​contributions though your membership account which cumulatively tracks your contributions.

When you receive confirmation of enrollment in our Certified Member program you will not only have access to the education​ program, but you will also gain access to our ​Certified ​Member area. This allow​s​ you to download your designation logo for marketing use as well as provide​s​ you the ability to ​access and use​ all of our Certified Member promotion tools and materials.

The education course is ​divided​ into 3 learning courses or ​M​odules. Each ​M​odule is ​​separated​ into 4 sections. It is​ a​ self-directed ​course ​and therefore you may start and stop at your own pace.​ Your place is always saved so you can come and go as is convenient for you.​

The basics of charitable giving and its history, how to choose the right charity for you, information about tax deductions and the US tax code as related to charitable giving and how to incorporate a​n ongoing​ program of charitable giving into your business plan.

A list of recommended system requirements is located here.

No, you have up to one year from enrollment to complete the first two modules in the education course. Of course the sooner you complete your education requirements the sooner you can use the information you acquire within your daily business ​practices and demonstrate that you are a Certified Charitable Giving Alliance™ Member.

The course tracks your progress for you and marks your place as you go along.​ You’ll be able to begin where you left off without having to repeat any previous work.​

Our technical support staff is ​available M-F from 8 am to 6 pm MST​ at​ 480-207-2982. After hours, please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible the next business day: support@ccgalliance.com.

You may view the co​u​rse material as often as you’d like.