About the CCG Alliance™ Designation

The CCGA Designation

The CCG Alliance™ designation allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively communicate their sense of social responsibility to the public.

Our program consists of two types of membership. The first is our Alliance Membership, which costs $49.95 per year and allows you access to ALL of our education and training materials. This valuable information helps teach you how to:

1. Choose worthwhile charities to support and how to screen them to make sure they merit your support.

2. Decide what kinds of giving plans you may want to engage in and how to include charitable giving and social responsibility in your business.

3. Implement different marketing and promotional campaigns through a variety of ongoing ideas, strategies and materials we provide you.

4. Stay fresh and effective in your charitable messaging and support as you grow your business.

Everyone who is part of the CCG Alliance™ program carries the Alliance Membership.

The second type of membership is our Certified Charitable Giver Membership. This is for Alliance Members who want to promote their efforts and their membership by being verified for their financial and volunteer hours contributions. It also shows they have completed our core education requirements for charitable giving.

Becoming a Certified Charitable Giver is the best way to demonstrate your commitment and to stand out from the crowd as someone who is making a genuine, verifiable contribution to your communities and causes. The Certified Membership is $349.95 in addition to the annual Alliance Membership and means:

1. You have completed the first two of our three education modules within your first year of membership.

2. You have met the minimum donation standards of $1380 or 60 hours of annual volunteer service, or any combination thereof and we have verified those on your behalf.

3. You are allowed to promote yourself as a Certified Charitable Giver and to display your certification logo in your marketing and branding.

4. You are listed as a Certified Charitable Giver in our member directory, providing you with access to other members with whom to cross promote your common causes.

5. You are allowed to promote your financial and volunteer hour contributions and post your causes on your Member profile on the CCG Alliance™ website.

6. You will have access to our Certified Members exclusive marketing pieces including pre-designed promotional materials that can be customized to your business, events and seminars for Certified Members, and additional products and services offered only to our Certified Members.

By earning the Certified Charitable Giver Designation you demonstrate your commitment to integrating charitable giving into your business plan.

As a Certified Member of the Certified Charitable Giving Alliance™, your customers will recognize your involvement in creating a healthier and more prosperous world for everyone, because Giving is good business.™