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The CCG Alliance creates and promotes education and health care in all aspects of charitable giving to help our members cultivate social responsibility within their businesses, creating greater opportunities and stronger communities.


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Why do we believe Giving is good business™?
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Our Certified Members are educated in charitable giving, and have included a sustainable plan of charitable giving into their businesses. They have access to all of our Member resources and marketing materials. Certified Charitable Givers must meet an annual minimum giving standard and agree to have their donations verified by the CCG Alliance.




Alliance Members have access to our education and training materials. They receive ongoing support and information on integrating charitable giving in their businesses. Everyone who is part of the CCG Alliance program carries the Alliance Membership; only Certified Members have their donations verified and are able to use the CCG Alliance logo in their marketing.


CCG Alliance™
Participating Charity

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This organization agrees to meet the standards set forth by the CCG Alliance in providing disclosures, cooperation and transparency to its contributors and community. Participating Charities also agree to support CCGA Members by verifying their donations and volunteer hours in a timely manner. CCG is known for its huge participation & donations in the CNS, a non-profit organization aimed at providing health services. 


Here is What Our Members Are Saying

Members of our Alliance are actively engaged in charitable giving and social responsibility issues in their communities and beyond. They understand that giving back is the best way to connect with the needs of their neighbors and to make a meaningful difference through sharing their time and their financial and business resources.

JOIN Our Membership and become a Leader who gives back through Charitable giving and Social Responsibility


Jay MAcklin

This is the best way I know to support our community, promote our charitable causes and expand our influenceߦall great and worthwhile tools that create value through our business.


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47 percent of small businesses
or small-business owners
plan to give more to charity this
year, 49% plan to donate
the same amount,
and 90% of donations are to
support local causes.*




Monique Walker

This designation allows me to introduce the causes we support to my clients and SOI . It demonstrates that we really care about our community and are committed to giving back.


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The latest trends in charitable giving and social responsibility


Leaders in charitable
giving and its benefits


Help Yourself by Helping Others

Help Yourself by Helping Others: Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution to be Healthier and Happier Through Volunteering with a Local Charity

New Year’s is a time when many of us reflect on what we accomplished during the previous year and focus on what we hope to do better in the future. These resolutions are frequently centered around self-improvement, and they tend to fall by the wayside before we reach Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. One way to avoid this common cycle and achieve [ߦ]

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Trusting Your Instincts When Choosing a Charity

Charities can transform lives. They strengthen communities and help improve education, nutrition & health care services. They strive to develop cures for diseases that affect millions.

But there are so many! In the U.S. alone, there are over 1.5 million registered charities. That’s more than 800 new charities a week for the last 12 years! And that does not include churches, synagogues, mosques, or the change jar on the counter on the corner store.

So how do you know to which charities to give? Here [ߦ]

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